St. Stephen’s C S I Church Choir

“The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” -Psalm 24:1

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Most Rev. Dr. Ryder Devapriyan, the then Moderator, started Ecology Department in Church of South India in 1992. Returning after the World Council of Churches Session, he felt the need for starting a wing for Eco concerns in the church. So he formed a Synod Committee for Ecological activities feeling that Ecological Activities is also a ‘Mission’ of the Church. His vision and far-sightedness decision of the Church of South India paved the way for new model to other churches in India. Now most of the churches accept Ecological Activities as Mission of the church.

The Church of South India recognizes that God’s mission has various dimensions. The constitution of CSI clearly specifies the mission of the Church 1) Proclamation of Gospel 2) Nurturing the people of God, 3) service 4) establish justice in society 5) Stewardship of creation. In the constitution it is written as “The Church seeks to create awareness among all people about environmental and ecological concerns and thereby to care for God’s creation. It endeavors to encourage people to refrain from excessive exploitation of nature’s resources and to strive to keep the earth a habitable place for the present as well as future generations.”

In our Parish too we have formed an Eco-Club for facilitating Eco-concerns among the parishioners. Our parish has received many recognitions and appreciations from different Bodies. The remarkable among them is the ‘Green Parish Award’ of the CSI Synod, in 2006. The Club undertakes the following activities

  • Beautification of the Church Compound by planting variety of saplings and lawns
  • Observing Eco- Sunday
  • Conducting Conscientization Seminars
  • Distribution of Saplings
  • Conducting Surveys on Ecological matters.
  • Drawing Competitions
  • Plastic Free Campus
  • Guidance on Bio farming.
  • Guidance for Rain Water Harvesting
  • Guidance for Reducing Consumption of Electricity
  • Guidance for making Bio-gas plant