St. Stephen’s C S I Youth Movement

“Vision Vanishes People Perish” – Solomon the King

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In 1916 Rt. Rev C H Gill the Bishop of erstwhile Thiru Kochi Anglican Diocese, the forerunner of C S I Madhya Kerala Diocese has initiated the formation of a Christian Youth Organisation. It was the beginning of another era; the first Christian Youth Organisation in Kerala was born, the Bishops vision was a direction for the unorganized youth who walked in darkness have seen a great light. The motto of the organisation was “Gather the Youth and dedicate them through the love of Jesus Christ for the service of the church and the society”.
The St. Stephens C S I Youth Movement Mundiappally was started in the year 1947 under the leadership of Late Rev. T V Kuruvilla. The visit of the Diocesan Youth Leaders Sri. John Ramakrishnapillai, Sri. K Ninan, Sri Oommen, Sri. Jacob Varghese was a great encouragement and inspiration for the formation of the unit. At present the unit is recognised as one of the best youth Movement in CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese.
During the bygone years the unit has contributed much for the socio economic, cultural and spiritual development of the; youth, the church members, the society and the world at large. The youth movement was the platform for the youth development. It has the privilege to donate the successful drawing out of the best priests, socio political leaders and Church leaders. Prof. George Koshy one of the earlier leader of the unit who has served the post of Secretary C S I Synod for the four consecutive terms is one of the best examples.

The units glorious past has so many golden feathers in its crown especially

  1. Home for Homeless
  2. Balavedi for Teens Development
  3. Mission House at Andhra Mission
  4. St. Stephens C S I Church Constructed at Gumudavally – 2006
  5. Organising Church VBS and Convention
  6. Eco Club activities
  7. Samooha Vivaham in 1995
  8. Won C S I Synod Green Parish Award – 2006
  9. Sponsoring a missionary in Andhra Mission since 1995
  10. Diamond Jubilee Bhavanam at Kalloppara- 2006
  11. Host Three Days Annual Diocesan Youth Conference for two times (1999 and 2011)
  12. Youth Library
  13. Self Employment Schemes
  14. Talent Nights and Cultural Events
  15. Health Care Projects
  16. Kalamela Diocesan Championship for several times
  17. Career Guidance Classes
  18. Cottage Prayers and other religious activities
  19. Environment Protection Activities
  20. Conferences at unit and district level
  21. Programmes of Socio Political Importance
  22. Hand Written Book(Kaiyezhuthu Masika)

The present activities and role of the unit at a glance

The major role of the unit is to help the youths to live as true Christian in the changing world and also to facilitate their socio cultural and career advancement. It also acts as a catalyst agent for the needed changes in the church and society. To accomplish these goals the youths organises the programes like – Unit General Meeting on Every Sunday, Sponsoring Andhra Mission Missionary, Organises Kalamele and Kayikamela, Blood Donation, Cottage Prayer and Youths prayer on every Saturday