St. Stephen’s C S I Women’s Fellowship

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1

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God uses women to accomplish His beneficent ministry in a world of need. While it is sadly true that it was a women who brought sin into God’s fair universe; it was likewise a women who gave the world the savior to save the world from its sin.

Men and nations are influenced by the quality of women. Woman is an integral part of humanity is to be purified and Christianized to a far greater extent, it is imperative to have an enlightened, spiritual woman hood. May God increase the number of Christian women through whom He can draw a sin- cursed war-weary earth nearer to Himself. Woman is not only man’s helper, but also his compliment.

Our church is really a praying church. Even from the very beginning of the church, our mothers had a spontaneous desire to unite in prayer. They turned unto the Lord who could solve every problem. Thus a movement started in the church. Mrs. Gill (wife of Bishop Gill,who was the bishop of the diocese during the period 1905-1924) started the ‘Mother’s Union’ in 1909 on St. Mary’s day. By God’s grace the movement flourished day by day. When the ‘Women’s Fellowship’ of CSI was formed in 1948 the ‘Mother’s Union’ merged into it. Now it is functioning in the church successfully known as “Women’s Fellowship”.
Our Women’s Fellowship meetings are being conducted in the church and in the seven wards of the church. The vicar of the church is the Patron and his wife Kochamma is the President. Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and committee members are selected for the various activities of the movement.

Main Activities:

  • Prayer meetings
  • Visiting houses, hospitals, mission fields etc
  • Financially helping the poor and needy of all caste
  • Supporting missionaries, Bethel Asram, Ashabhavan, Mundakkappadom Agathimandiram etc
  • Celebration of Women’s Sunday, Asha Bhavan Sunday, Girl Child Sunday, World day of prayer etc
  • Tour programmes
  • Supporting Missionaries

Praise the Lord. All the activities of our Women’s fellowship are associated with the unfolding purpose of God.